Procedures for Evaluation and Acceptance of Manuscripts

  • Procedures for Evaluation and Acceptance of Manuscripts 

    • Editors evaluate submitted manuscripts on the basis of its relevance to the journal´s scope and the writing rules in the initial evaluation. At this stage, manuscripts that do not comply with the scope of the journal are returned to the responsible author before further review. Manuscripts that do not comply with the writing rules are sent back to the author/authors for corrections. The author who uploads the manuscript through the web page is the responsible author to be contacted during the evaluation and publication processes.
    • In the inital evaluation stage, submitted manuscripts are checked for the plagiarism using plagiarism detention software. The similarity index must not be over 20%. Manuscripts above this limit will be rejected without further review.
    • If the manuscript is found appropriate in the editorial evaluation, two reviewers are assigned according to nature and the content of the study and the peer review process is initated. This journal uses double-blind peer review. The reviewers must make an objective decision as a result of their evaluation and explain the decision with its justifications. 
    • Manuscripts that are found unsuitable for publication according to the result of the reviewers? evaluations are returned to the authors. Authors are informed for manuscripts accepted for publication.
    • If the decision is revision, the authors are given a period of time to revise the manuscript according to the comments of the reviewers and to re-upload the manuscript to the system. If this period is exceeded, the evaluation process is terminated and the authors must upload the manuscript to the system as a new submission. In this case, initial evaluation process is restarted. The revised manuscript uploaded in the given time is sent to the reviewers if necessarry and the second step review process is started. If the reviewer does not want to evaluate the revised manuscript, the editor makes the decision regarding the publication. In the second step evaluation process, the revisions made by the authors are followed by the reviewers and the reviewers inform the editor of their final decision about the manuscript. The editor informs the authors regarding the publication process according to this decision.
    • If there is a disagreement about the decision between the reviewers, the article is sent to a third reviewer. 
    • In case of incompatible revision suggestions, the editor has the authority to make the final decision, taking into account the justifications of the author(s).